I'm passionate about getting people involved in fitness.  Engaging in physical activity, gives you a unique energy which helps you achieve a balanced daily life. 


Over the years, I realized that it ALL starts in the mind. Once you make the choice to be healthy, your actions will follow.  My goal is to bring out the best in you, and to help take you to the next level.  I'm is confident that not only will you succeed in your fitness goals, but you will gain a healthy mindset in all areas of your life.‚Äč


  • NGA Figure Pro

  • NSPA Certified Personal Trainer

  • NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer

  • NCCPT Weight Management Specialist

  • SCW Certified Barre Trainer

  • SCW Certified Prenatal Trainer

  • CPR Adult Certified

  • Certified Trainer, TRX Circuit

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • Instructor Small Group

  • Heavy Bag Class Instructor

Sabine Evans
-Your Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor