Fit Boxing

Have you tried Fit Boxing yet? You can get your first class free at the Columbia Association.

Burn up to 1000 calories per class with high intensity cardio with boxing techniques and dumbbell resistance. Increase your metabolism and burn calories while having fun! 

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Zoom virtual fitboxing

Try TRX Training with a certified in 1-on-1 TRX trainer. Created by a Navy SEAL, TRX suspension body weight exercises builds strength, flexibility and your core at the same time. 

The TRX Suspension Training system provides world class training to people of all ages and skill levels by harnessing your own body weight to create resistance as you workout. It allows you to adjust the degree of difficulty so regardless of your fitness goals, it can be tailored to you.


It's scientifically-proven to have total body health benefits including improving mobility, flexibility, strength, and heart health. 

Contact me to discuss your fitness goals.